• Residential Treatment Program for Teens 14-17

Admissions at Solstice West

Solstice specializes in working with girls and assigned female at birth ages 14 -18 years old who struggle with a variety of problems, issues and diagnostic criteria such as teen depression and anxiety. For a list of these issues please see Student Profile.

We offer a comprehensive, holistic and multi-modal approach to therapy that integrates a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with your family to create real, lasting change.

We are proud of our Solstice programs. We are confident in our Solstice professionals. We are passionate about helping others.  It is truly our team of caring professionals that makes all the difference. We invite you to come to Solstice to meet our people. It is then you will get the “feel” for why we are successful in helping girls and assigned female at birth and families experience the healing and growth they desire.

At Solstice we have a selective admissions process. This is done in an effort to ensure that the girls and assigned female at birth we accept into our program are appropriate for the level of care we provide, that our program and your teen are a good fit for one another, and that we can provide the services that your teen requires in order to progress successfully. We strive to respect your child’s needs and those of your family, so we strive to understand every family’s specific situation.

Steps to Admission at Solstice

3. Get Accepted

When a successful review of your application is completed and your family is accepted into Solstice, then you can begin the process of preparation for admission.

4. Set Arrival Date

Typically, we find it best to make the decision and have a young girl join us within a short period of time. Too much time between acceptance and admittance can often lead to high anxiety and undue stress.

5. Begin The Journey

Welcome to Day One in the journey to a happier, more productive path.

We hear from families all the time that making the decision is often the hardest part, but once that decision is made a sense of calm and confidence often ensues.  We have helped many teens and families over the years. We would love the opportunity to help your family, too.

Please feel free to contact us at (801) 406-7256 for additional information about Solstice and to determine if we are the best fit for your family needs. We hope to meet you soon.

We Help Families. We Can Help Yours, Too.

Connect with our admissions team today to learn how we can help your family start the journey toward healing.