Adventure Therapy

The Solstice Adventure Therapy program is designed to provide our students with well-rounded, meaningful learning opportunities through outdoor recreation, experiential education and community service and events. We create a culture that fosters the development of strong, positive identities among young women. As they learn and develop alongside one another, they form trusting, caring relationships that can be sustained for a lifetime.

Each week our students participate in an experiential education group that brings therapeutic concepts to life. Experiential groups focus on DBT concepts, social skills, leadership, emotional regulation and relationships. Lessons are then integrated into weekly off campus activities, community service and adventure camping trips to provide a context for students to apply these skills in real life settings.

Utah provides a magnificent and challenging outdoor classroom. Our adventure therapy programming provides opportunity to gain proficiency in a wide range of outdoor recreation skills including alpine skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing, rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking, white water rafting, hiking, biking and camping.

Students participate in an overnight adventure camping trip, providing opportunity to apply the outdoor skills they learn and to challenge the individual and team in a setting that may be outside their comfort zone. Outdoor challenges provide an excellent vehicle for building self-esteem and strong relationships. Girls with anxiety learn to overcome their fears. Our goal is that our students leave Solstice with healthy, life-long interests and skills.

In addition, our students explore a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, attending local cooking and art classes, arts and community events, museums, marathons and 5k races.

Volunteering and community service is a significant component of our adventure therapy program. Our students participate in community service each week volunteering at community farms and gardens, planning activities for the elderly, working with disadvantaged youth from the local community. Volunteering and community service provides an opportunity for the girls to look outside themselves and to give back to the local community.

Our intention is to create an environment where our students learn through experience and gain insight and skills that can be applied to their daily lives. As they are continually challenged in multiple realms, our girls gain a stronger understanding of themselves as individuals while strengthening relationships.

Learn how our students become Intuitive Eaters and live a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrating Long-term Success

“Solstice got me through one of the hardest times in my life. I had a support group that’s huge,
between the therapists and the mentors, the other girls–all helping each other”
Veronica, finding support for relationships and adoption issues.