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Clinical Philosophy

Clinical Philosophy 1500 780 TJ Rowden

Our philosophy at Solstice West asks students and their families to be the architects, and the recipients, of their own profound success stories.

It’s a mindset that permeates our entire program — triumph over adversity — where every challenge faced by our students and families marks the beginning of a compelling success story.

Perfection isn’t the goal; it’s about establishing a confident, prepared next step. This principle serves as the bedrock of our therapeutic approach. We aim to do “hard times better,” a sentiment echoed by the countless families who’ve found solace and strength within our community thanks to the Solstice team’s dedicated efforts.

I am fiercely passionate about our EnRICH mission, focusing on developing Excellence in Relationships, Influence, Character, and Health. As the Solstice West Clinical Director, I see clearly our two-fold opportunity. One is to reclaim and renew our timeless mission (EnRICH), and the other is to innovate and improve our clinical and programmatic approach in an evolving industry.

Solstice West’s EnRICH mission is not an alphabet soup of therapeutic jargon; it’s a directive to tangibly measure the growth and well-being of those it serves. It’s also a philosophy we live by as a team. The details and skills involved in our mission are taught top-down at Solstice, from staff to students.

As Clinical Director, I am dedicated to making our mission a tangible reality, both for the therapeutic field’s evolution and for the students at Solstice.

The power of family dynamics in therapy is not something we overlook. Magic happens when families work together, not just in individual sessions. The real transformation and change occurs in the space in-between: when families and students are thinking about, integrating, and actualizing the therapeutic lessons they are learning.

This is where it all comes together.