Schools For Troubled Teens

There are several reasons students enter schools for troubled teens. Trauma, grief, and other emotional disorders leave a deep mental impact often affecting normal development and academic performance. Learning disabilities, attention deficits, and hyperactivity make focus and concentration difficult in more “normal” settings. Substance abuse, falling in with the “wrong” crowd, and developing a sense of hopelessness because the student just doesn’t “get it” could easily lead to excessive truancy or dropping out of school completely. schools for troubled teens

Luckily, schools for troubled teens are readily available to help your  teen. Solstice, a leading residential treatment center located in scenic Utah, offers teen girls (age 14-18) a specialized environment where trained, caring staff work hard to get youth back on track.

Individualized Programming Encourages Student Success

Solstice will meet you daughter where she is at emotionally and academically. A multidisciplinary team collaborates on an individual plan to ensure placement in appropriate classes for successful learning, credit recovery, and staying on track for high school graduation. Solstice also provides programs and counseling to prepare your daughter for college.

Small class sizes led by certified teachers, and, if necessary, special education teachers, give your daughter the individual assistance necessary for success. These teachers work with the entire multidisciplinary team to create a master treatment plan specifically designed for your daughter’s needs. Creative curriculums and experiential learning opportunities keep your teen engaged and enthusiastic to learn.

The comfortable, welcoming environment at Solstice will allow your daughter to thrive and stay on track to successfully complete high school.

Your  teen is also able to transfer credits to any future school thanks to Solstice’s accreditation status.

If you are considering schools for troubled teens for your daughter, call a Solstice representative at (866) 278-3345 for more information. Learn more about Solstice’s academic program.

Helping Teen Girls Thrive

For decades, Solstice, one of the leading schools for troubled teens, has helped girls thrive emotionally and academically using a variety of creative interventions. schools for troubled teens

They integrate personal therapy with individual academic plans to ensure your teen has skills to cope with school and life. If your teen learns better by doing rather than talking about it, Solstice offers many opportunities to thrive while building self-confidence, leadership, emotional resilience, and strong communication.

Are you worried your teen is struggling in school? Here are some common signs to look for:

Avoiding Conversations About School

One of the first warning signs is refusing to discuss school. They may quickly change the subject, avoid eye contact and fidget, or leave the room. This is a sign they may have difficulty processing their thoughts and feelings about their struggles.

Distant Behavior

If your teen seems more detached from everyday life, especially with family and friends, she may be isolating herself due to loss of confidence and self-esteem.

Instability or Aggressive Behavior

Most teens are moody and unpredictable–it is normal for their development. Extreme instability,  however, is a clear warning sign. Hostility, agitation, aggression, and personality changes are all issues needing to be addressed.

It is normal for a teen to go through difficult periods during their high school career, but some issues, if left unresolved, could lead to serious negative behaviors such as substance abuse, self-harm, and excessive truancy. Teens faced with abuse, grief, and trauma are much more likely to fall into negative patterns making schools for troubled teens a necessary intervention.

Solstice helps teens struggling with the behaviors mentioned above. Learn more about the ways in which Solstice can help your daughter by calling (866) 278-3345.

Experiential Learning and the Mind-Body Connection

Located in scenic Utah, Solstice offers a variety of unique experiential opportunities. Here are a few:

  • White Water Rafting
  • Snowboarding
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fitness Activities
  • Cultural Events
  • Adventure Camping
  • Community Service
  • Teambuilding Challenges

In addition to experiential learning, Solstice believes a key to better emotional health is feeling good physically. Students have daily opportunities for cardiovascular exercise including running, biking, and aerobic classes. Weekly workouts include Pilates, Zumba, and boot camp. Students also have an active role in meal planning and preparation to become more aware of the effects foods have on their bodies.

Some  teens find typical school difficult–Solstice understands teens with those needs.

Their comfortable, welcoming campus is a perfect environment for struggling teen girls to find the support they need to grow as young women.
If you feel your daughter would benefit from Solstice’s holistic approach to therapy, please call us at (866) 278-3345. Visit our website for more information.