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Schools For Iowa Troubled Teens

Schools for Troubled Teens Help Restore Iowa Youth’s Confidence

Many teens have a hard time in high school, especially those struggling with mental and emotional challenges. Teens dealing with grief, trauma, and abuse often find these struggles too overwhelming. Motivation for schoolwork usually suffers. When Iowa teens are struggling academically it can lead to decreased self-confidence and a downward spiral of aggressive behaviors, isolation, substance abuse, or truancy. Schools for troubled teens offer support for teens struggling in a traditional school environment.

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Solstice West Can Help Your Iowa Teen

At Solstice, a residential treatment program and boarding school near Salt Lake City, Utah, girls and assigned female at birth learn strong academic skills and skills to manage their emotional and behavioral issues that help them get back on track. To ensure your child achieves success during the program and after they transitions home, Solstice integrates academics with individual, group, and family therapy. Small class sizes led by certified teachers, and, if necessary, special education teachers, give your child the individual assistance necessary for success. Our clinical team, including therapists, teachers, and residential staff, work together to create an individualized treatment plan designed to meet your daughter’s unique needs. Our creative curriculum includes a variety of experiential learning opportunities to keep your teen engaged and enthusiastic about learning.

Students thrive in Solstice’s safe and nurturing community and stay on track to successfully complete high school. Academic credits earned at Solstice’s accredited academic program easily transfer back to schools in Iowa.

If you are considering schools for troubled teens for your daughter, call a Solstice representative at (866) 278-3345 for more information. Learn more about Solstice’s academic program.

Help your family heal.

Learn more about how Solstice West can help your family.

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At Risk Youth from Iowa Learn Creative, Expressive Outlets at Schools for Troubled Teens.

It is more difficult for teens to find appropriate ways to express themselves if they are struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges. The communication breakdown makes them feel inadequate and isolated from the world around them. These feelings can be associated with poor academic performance and self-harming behaviors, like eating disorders and addiction. Visual and Fine Arts give teens alternative ways of expressing themselves when they struggle to find the right words or with communicating with others. Schools for troubled teens pay attention to the unique needs of teens from Iowa who are struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Help For Iowa Teens

Teens going through emotional and behavioral challenges often struggle finding appropriate ways to express themselves. They often feel inadequate and isolated from the world around them when they can’t express how they feel. These feelings can be associated with poor academic performance and self-harming behaviors, like eating disorders and addiction. Visual and Fine Arts give teens alternative ways of expressing themselves when they struggle to find the right words or with communicating with others. Iowa teens with emotional and behavioral challenges can find the support they need at schools for troubled teens that understand their unique needs.

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Fine Arts Academic Programming at Solstice West:

Solstice, a boarding school in Utah, has developed a comprehensive Fine Arts program for teen ages 14-18 as part of their holistic therapeutic approach. In addition to a full curriculum geared towards academic learning and success, Solstice offers the following classes to help Iowa teens find new and therapeutic methods of expression:

Art Foundations I & II: Introductory classes emphasize the fundamentals of art and give previews of a variety of styles, like two and three-dimensional design and drawing. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of media to express themselves visually, using basic art concepts like color theory, studio techniques, and aesthetics. Teens will also be exposed to various art movements and how they impacted the history of art.

Drawing: The goal of our drawing class is to teach students how to accurately see and record objects using a variety of media, such as colored pencils, pastels, and graphite, which serve as the basic building blocks of all styles of art.

Painting: Students explore various mediums and canvases to create expressive work based on classic and contemporary art by applying skills learned in foundational classes. Through self-expression, girls and assigned female at birth build confidence and assertiveness, and feel more connected to the world.

Girls and assigned female at birth with emotional struggles are empowered by the Visual Arts program at Solstice. Solstice helps struggling teens replace unhealthy coping mechanisms with positive, adaptive ones. Call (866) 278-3345 to learn more about the holistic therapeutic approach we follow at our school for troubled teens.

Solstice West helps teens struggling with issues such as:


Social Isolation

Attachment issues related to adoption

Difficulties controlling impulses

Issues with self esteem

Family conflict and dysfunction

Disordered eating

Attention related issues

Grief and Loss

Defiant behaviors

Harming themselves by cutting or other methods of injury

Issues related to asperger’s

Struggling with symptoms of depression

Generalized anxiety disorder

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