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Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Girls

What Are Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Girls?

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls and assigned female at birth are treatment programs that combine accredited academic programming with therapeutic support. These programs are specifically designed to help teen girls and assigned female at birth who are struggling with mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.

What Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls and assigned female at birth Offer Teens?

therapeutic boarding schools for girls

If your child struggles with significant emotional or behavioral issues and you exhausted local options, therapeutic boarding schools for girls and assigned female at birth may be the next choice. These programs assist struggling teens get back on track by providing the quality care necessary for their unique struggles.

The best therapeutic boarding schools for girls and assigned female at birth offer an array of services helping teens in all aspects of their lives.

Solstice, one of the leading therapeutic boarding schools for girls, has helped guide hundreds of teens through the process of healing and recovery. Located in Utah, Solstice is currently accepting girls and assigned female at birth from all over the country. Using a holistic approach to therapy, teens develop positive relationships, strong core values, and the skills they need to successfully navigate adolescence.

A Safe, Structured Environment

Struggling teens need to create positive habits in their daily lives. Boarding schools have carefully designed schedules to keep teens engaged in therapeutic activities while developing personal routines necessary for recovery. Experienced staff supervision keeps teens safe and on task with their goals.

Intensive Therapy

Teens with serious emotional issues like trauma, grief, abuse, and depression usually don’t have the resources to deal with these complex emotions on their own. Boarding schools provide individual, group, and family therapy to give teens knowledge and skills to deal with their challenges.

Academic Support

Schoolwork is one of the first areas that suffer when a teen is dealing with mental health issues. Boarding schools integrate therapy with academics to help teens discover their unique learning abilities and get back on track academically.

Unique Learning Opportunities

The best boarding schools offer various ways for teens to learn and grow. By incorporating team building, adventure therapy, and experiential activities in the therapy program, teens find new perspectives and opportunities to build confidence, positive communication, and leadership skills.


Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls and assigned female at birth Provide Necessary Therapy for Teens Suffering with Mental Illness

When the home life of a teen struggling with mental illness becomes unmanageable, boarding schools for troubled girls and assigned female at birth can help. If your teen has been diagnosed with any of the following mental health issues, these boarding schools may be a necessary intervention.

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  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma and Grief
  • Eating Disorders
  • Substance Abuse
  • Academic Decline
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal Ideation

Solstice, located in Utah, is one of the leading therapeutic girls and assigned female at birth boarding schools for girls and assigned female at birth helping hundreds of teens with a carefully developed treatment philosophy. Solstice knows internal change starts with positive relationships–not just compliance to program expectations. Their holistic approach addresses teens’ physical, mental, and emotional needs while utilizing female-specific interventions. In addition, Solstice seeks to heal and reconnect strained family bonds with their intensive family focus. Each family receives the necessary resources and skills to help with their teen’s transition home.

{Term} {State}Solstice’s comfortable, accepting community treats your child as an individual. Her primary therapist has a small caseload to ensure plenty of individual attention during therapy and in more informal settings like meals, outings, and recreational activities.

Solstice’s academic program integrates with your daughter’s therapy to help their discover their unique learning abilities while recovering credits, staying on track to graduate high school, and preparing for college. Thanks to Solstice’s accreditation status, the credits your child earns in the program easily transfer to their school.

Utah’s beautiful landscape is the backdrop for many engaging adventure therapy activities for your teen. Your child will build self-confidence, leadership skills, emotional resilience, and learn effective communication during activities like white water rafting, adventure camping, cross country skiing, team building activities, and community service.

Let Solstice help your teen discover their unique learning abilities. Contact a knowledgeable admissions counselor at (866) 278-3345 to find out more about Solstice’s proven academic program.