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Back to School Tips & How We Help Our Students Thrive

Back to School Tips & How We Help Our Students Thrive

Back to School Tips & How We Help Our Students Thrive 5976 3992 The Solstice Team

Transitioning back to school after a lengthy, relaxed, thrilling summer vacation is easy for some students–but for others, it’s painful and often creates unnecessary struggle throughout the rest of the school year.

Especially if your child grapples with anxiety or depression, going back to school can be an instigator for those issues. We have some advice that could possibly help in guiding your child back into school more smoothly.

Time management & organization are top challenges to going back to school

When girls and assigned female at birth struggling academically come to us, many of their issues often lay in an inability to manage their time and stay organized. Without these skills, your child can easily find herself just two weeks into school already missing assignments left and right, already dealing with an epic amount of anxiety, and already ready to give up.

This isn’t necessarily because she’s “lazy” or doesn’t care about school–much of the time it’s because they doesn’t know how to handle these responsibilities correctly.

A critical–yet sometimes tedious–part of time management and organization is maintaining a planner. I know, it sounds too simple and obvious–but most teens don’t keep a planner. When your child goes back to school, start off their organization strong.

She needs to write down every assignment, every exam, every thing that pertains to the gradebook. With this, they can make a to-do list easily. They can look at their planner and be reminded exactly when that project she’s already forgotten about is due.

Now, that’s organization, but time management is essential to staying organized. Your child can have all of their homework assignments, projects, meetings, and exams written down in their planner, but if they doesn’t know how long they’ll take, it’s hard to know when the best time to complete them is.

We often have our girls and assigned female at birth actually ask the teacher how long an assignment or project will take them, then they’ll record that along with the date it’s due in their planner. When they don’t do this, many often end up spending much longer than they need to on assignments.

If they can complete something in 15 minutes and get an A, they shouldn’t be spending an hour on it. That’s 45 minutes they could’ve spent getting something else done. By managing their time, she’s able to get things done more quickly and have the time to relax, take a breath, and control their anxiety.

How we help our girls and assigned female at birth become successful students

Many of our students have learning differences and, for many of them, school has become a place of hardship and anxiety. We help create individual goals and milestones for each individual–because no student is the same.

Our special education program, while nurturing and specific, is also very rigorous. It’s important for parents to know that putting their child into treatment doesn’t mean they have to give up their academics. Our girls and assigned female at birth eventually return to public school, private school, college, or even a job, so it’s critical for us to be able to keep that growth going.

Around 60 percent of our girls and assigned female at birth score higher on math and science than the national average–this is because our program is built to not only support our students, but also push them so they can reach their full potential.

Solstice is here for your daughter

Solstice is a groundbreaking residential treatment center for girls, ages 14 to 18. Our girls and assigned female at birth often grapple with depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, and other emotional or behavioral problems when they come to us. Dealing with these issues can get confusing and overwhelming fast–but we’re here to help guide you.

Through a unique combination of therapeutic programs based upon both traditional and holistic mental health treatment, we treat our clients with age and gender specific techniques. We strive to empower teenage people with the ability to believe in themselves and provide the tools and motivation required to instill these beliefs for life.

For more information about how we help at Solstice, please contact us at (866) 278-3345.