Solstice RTC Helps Girls Struggling Academically

How Do Boarding Schools for Girls Help Struggling Students?

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High school is a difficult time for many students. As if excelling academically wasn’t enough, teens need to discover their identities, gain acceptance from peers, and learn skills to cope with the challenges of adolescence.

Teens struggling with learning and emotional issues have more difficulty navigating through their high school years. Those with mental health challenges have unique needs. Boarding schools for girls are a great option for teens failing in school and showing symptoms of emotional disorders.

Although Solstice is located in Layton, Utah, we help families from all over the country. 

How do boarding schools for girls help teens succeed?

A Structured, Stable Environment

Many teens struggling with significant mental and behavior challenges thrive on a stable, predictable environment to work on their personal issues. Boarding schools for girls provide supervised daily classes, groups, and structured activities to keep teens engaged and following a carefully created schedule.

Access to Expert Support and Resources

{Term} {State}Boarding schools employ staff expertly trained to deal with the unique challenges of teens struggling with emotional and learning issues. Caring, knowledgeable staff provide individualized and group therapy as well as resources for learning, coping, and succeeding.

Unique Learning Opportunities

In addition to typical schoolwork, boarding schools offer creative curriculums and unique learning opportunities, such as adventure therapy, to help teens build self-confidence, develop better study habits, and cope with emotional struggles.

If your daughter is having trouble in school and suffering from emotional issues, Solstice can help. As one of the leading boarding schools for girls, Solstice uses a holistic approach to healing and learning.

Solstice, based in Utah, incorporates individual, group, family, and adventure therapy to help teen girls develop the necessary skills for recovery.

Solstice RTC: A Top Boarding School for Girls Teach Youth New Ways to Learn

Teens struggling with emotional challenges and learning disabilities may not be getting all the support they need in typical classrooms. As their academic performance plummets, they often feel isolated and inferior to students not going through similar struggles. This decrease in confidence and self-worth often leads to negative coping skills like drug use, truancy, and high-risk activity. These behaviors often result in lasting consequences impacting teens’ once bright futures.

Boarding schools for girls understand the unique needs of teens struggling with emotional and learning issues. They provide opportunities for teens failing in regular classroom settings.

solstice rtc

Nestled in the foothills of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, Solstice is one of the leading boarding schools for girls. The comfortable, supportive environment integrates academics with individualized therapy to provide teens the necessary skills and resources to succeed.

Solstice’s fully accredited school offers a traditional, challenging academic environment supportive of teens’ emotional and learning needs. With average class sizes around six students, your daughter will receive individual attention geared towards her unique learning abilities.

Upon admission, your daughter takes a quiz to define her learning style. Based on the quiz results and her student records, an individualized treatment plan is created by a team of experts. The plan creates specific, measurable goals to support the learning and therapeutic process.

Certified teachers help your daughter recover credits, complete high school, and develop lifelong study skills preparing her for college. In addition, Solstice provides many experiential activities for engaging hands-on learning and personal development.

Thanks to Solstice’s accreditation status, the credits your daughter earns while in the program easily transfers with her following graduation of the program.

Let Solstice help your teen discover her unique learning abilities. Contact a knowledgeable admissions counselor at (801) 444-0794 to find out more about Solstice’s proven academic program.