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Building Better Relationships: How Milieu Therapy Helps Teens Grow

Building Better Relationships: How Milieu Therapy Helps Teens Grow

Building Better Relationships: How Milieu Therapy Helps Teens Grow 2560 1827 The Solstice Team

Milieu therapy is an experiential therapeutic approach that utilizes the residential environment of our program to better understand how to help your child approach and overcome their challenges. Milieu” means “middle” in French. This treatment approach may be known as milieu therapy because those in the program are immersed in a small, structured community focused on helping them develop skills and behaviors that’ll enable them to live healthier lives in a larger society.

Milieu therapy programs emphasize routines, boundaries, and open communication to build trust between the people in the program. To help accomplish these goals, therapists use predictable, reliable responses when communicating with participants. The goal is to create a stable, adaptive reality so that people feel safe enough to learn and change.

Building Relationships 

Milieu experiential therapy utilizes the social culture of a residential treatment environment to create positive changes in your child’s behavior.  A community is created which includes their peers, staff, community roles and responsibilities, groups, and meetings. In Milieu therapy, group dynamics play an important role in shaping behaviors. These group dynamics can help group members understand how their behaviors affect other people around them.

As students work, play, and interact with each other, opportunities and conflicts naturally arise, and they can learn new ways to cope with and respond to them. The positive influence of peers can promote a powerful and sustainable change when combined with the intentional application of other therapeutic interventions.

Small, Home-Like Setting

A nurturing, home-like setting mirrors the environment your child will return to after they leave Milieu therapy. This provides even greater and more realistic insight and opportunities for change. With a smaller therapeutic setting therapists can better see where student’s strengths and weaknesses are, helping them to adapt and grow in real-life scenarios.

Clinical and residential staff work together closely to shape and conduct a therapeutic environment that creates lasting positive outcomes for students. Milieu therapy treats each activity as an opportunity for learning, where students can examine a negative way of thinking or behavior, and talk about how they can change in the future. Milieu therapy can lead your child onto a path towards a brighter, happier future.

Solstice RTC Can Help

We help teen students on their journey towards healing by utilizing a unique blend of therapeutic techniques based upon both traditional and holistic treatment methods. We strive to empower teenage people with the ability to believe in themselves and provide the tools and motivation required to instill these beliefs for life.

Our mission is to support adolescents and their families in developing excellence in relationships, influence, character, and health throughout their life journey. Through relationship-based programming, we help students restore and rebuild healthy, close relationships with their families, peers, and staff. Contact us today at (866) 278-3345 for more information.