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Building Confidence: Fun Self Esteem Activities for Teens

Building Confidence: Fun Self Esteem Activities for Teens

Building Confidence: Fun Self Esteem Activities for Teens 150 150 Solstice RTC

In today’s electronic-centered world, teens encounter one impossible standard after another. What’s worse, while back in the day there was simple reflection time without the intrusion of a screen, today the constant bombardment of information is seemingly inescapable. Between not having truly private moments and trying to live up to what the media glamorizes, it is no surprise that kids of today have more difficulty than ever building a positive image of themselves. Fortunately, as a parent, there are numerous self-esteem activities for teens that can help set them back on track.

Ideas for Self Esteem Activities for Teens

The most important thing to remember when exploring new self esteem activities for teens, is that it’s about your child. Moreover, it may require you several attempts to find the activities your teen enjoys, as opposed to the ones you think your teen will enjoy. Another thing to keep in mind, is that positive self-esteem activities for teens begin at home: no matter how much character you build doing various tasks, at the end of the day, encouraging your child and letting them know they are special the way they are will build a foundation for their self-esteem.  

Some fun self-esteem activities for teens can include ones that allow them to test their individuality or learn to rely on themselves. Part of building self-esteem and confidence is leaving the comfort zone – but not too far at first. Physical activities, such as sports or hiking, can be a healthy way to make your child feel empowered. Encouraging your kids to try themselves at various forms of artistic expression – many schools offer extracurricular activities to that end – may help them discover a hidden talent or passion. In the end, remind your children that nobody is an expert at first; learning to do new things is half the experience.

Solstice can help

Solstice, a residential treatment center for teen girls ages 14-18, can help your daughter find success. Solstice helps girls struggling with behavioral and emotional difficulties such as self esteem issues, depression, anxiety, and trauma. For more information about Solstice, please call (866) 278-3345 today!