3 Lifestyle Factors that Strengthen the Relationship Between Physical and Emotional Health

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A new study suggests that while physicians sometimes question patients’ emotional health, psychiatrists are less likely to ask about people’s physical health. The mind-body connection is too powerful to ignore the role of either in determining overall wellbeing. [...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder in Teens: Everything You Need to Know

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Seasonal Affective Disorder in teens is a type of depression that has a reoccurring seasonal pattern. This type of depression typically sets in during late fall or early winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder less commonly occurs in the spring [...]

Risky Teen Behaviors: Differences Between Positive and Negative Risks

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The teenage years are the years in which one develops the desire to fit in. This desire may come with a high cost. During the adolescent years, opportunity and risk seem all the more appealing. A maturational imbalance [...]

Father-Daughter Trip to Moab Brings Families Closer Together

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What happened when seven boisterous dads & daughters joined with a team of creative & committed folks from Solstice RTC West and Aspect Adventure in Moab for a three day Father-Child Retreat this last September?  My Answer:  Nothing Short of [...]

When Teens Refusing School Has More to Do with Anxiety Than Rebellion

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Teens refusing school isn’t exactly a new thing--ever since school began, teens have been trying to get out of it by feigning sickness or skipping class. But what about when the reason behind teens refusing school is more [...]

College Prepared: Solstice Students Earn Higher Scores Across the Board

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At Solstice, education is a huge part of our programming. We understand that most of the girls that come in our doors are college-bound; therefore, we strive to provide them with excellent academic opportunities. We’ve looked at the [...]

Alumni Event Brings Former Students And Families Back To Solstice

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First Annual Alumni Event Reinforces the Importance Of Solstice In Lives Of Students Solstice West held their First Annual Alumni Event on July 28th & 29th, 2017. This event was held in conjunction with the Parent Seminar. Over 20 [...]

More Than Stretching: Benefits of Yoga Include Lowering Depression

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Yoga--it’s become a huge trend, especially among those who love pumpkin spice lattes and leggings, but new research is showing that it’s much more than a trend. Benefits of yoga should now include reducing depression and anxiety. I [...]

Helping Teens Struggling With Trauma Through EMDR

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EMDR: A Unique Technique Helping Girls Heal From Trauma Healing symptoms of trauma using eye movement may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it’s actually a very effective technique for some individuals struggling with [...]

Academic Challenges: How Overcoming Adversity Leads to Success

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For some students, academic challenges aren’t just struggling to get an A on an exam or passing the SATs—for some, it can seem like an impossible obstacle that can’t be overcome. Students with learning differences, like ADHD, can [...]