• Residential Treatment Program for Teens 14-18

Christine’s Solstice Journey

A Review of Christine’s Solstice Journey

Accepting Herself & Finding Happiness

Since I was young I’d had problems with my parents. I didn’t like being told what to do and I wanted to have control of my own decisions. I became rebellious. I’d been a good student, but when I got to high school I just stopped trying.  I started hanging out with some bad people, drinking and smoking pot as a way to escape my problems. My parents were worried about me and the downward spiral I was in.

I was very angry and became anorexic. Deep down I think I wanted to change, but just didn’t know how.

No Longer Feeling Alone

It was hard to adjust to being at Solstice at first. But it wasn’t long before I started to like the structure, and it became easier and easier for me to work on myself there. Solstice is a small school, with a very well trained staff, and I realized pretty quickly they really cared about me and wanted to help me.

One day I was sitting in the hall outside my room, ignoring everyone around me. One of the mentors came up to me and said they didn’t want to butt in, but wanted me to know that, even though I had to deal with my own problems, I didn’t have to do it alone. They and I became friends, and they helped me to come out of my shell and start to open up. The mentors came from a loving place– they are there to help us literally all the time, day or night.

Caring & Compassion Helped Create Change

The family therapy sessions and seminars were very helpful.  They were some of my favorite things about the program. The biggest thing was that before I went to Solstice, I felt so alone, anxious and depressed. When I got into the program I learned that there were other people with the same kinds of problems as me. The fact that people at Solstice really care and listen to you was really important for me.

Darren, my therapist, had a lot of insights and perspectives that were very useful, and he held me accountable for my behavior and progress. I was there nine months and Solstice totally turned my life around.

Amazing Success After Solstice

When I went home, I worked with a transition therapist for a while. Then I got into college and graduated last August with a degree in clinical psychology.

I have a really good relationship with my parents now and value their opinions. I realize that my parents love me, which I didn’t understand before going to Solstice.

Right now I’m working with adolescent boys as a mentor and supervisor at a residential treatment center.  It’s very rewarding. I’m going to apply for Grad school and get my Masters in Clinical Psychology.

I’m still friends with some of the girls and assigned female at birth that I met at there.  Solstice will always have a special place in my heart because it saved my life.  I’m really grateful.