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The Critical Components of PTSD Treatment for Girls

The Critical Components of PTSD Treatment for Girls

The Critical Components of PTSD Treatment for Girls 1280 853 Solstice RTC

Specifically in residential PTSD treatment for girls, there are many important components needed in order to ensure the best results. It’s not just about the PTSD-specific therapies being offered, it’s also about the setting, staff, and feeling the whole program provides.

What makes residential PTSD treatment for girls effective

  • Nurturing Environment: In residential PTSD treatment for girls, the environment has to be kind and nurturing. This is what a fully therapeutic setting does. It’s immersive and provides the level of care girls struggling with trauma need. Developing an environment that inspires personal growth and confidence is essential to the healing process.
  • Supportive Setting: Support is one of the most important components of successful PTSD treatment for girls. It’s not just about the staff being supportive, it’s the whole community–including the individual’s own family. There’s a system of support that needs to be built into the fabric of the program, otherwise the feeling of safety and warmth won’t be there.
  • Caring, Trained Staff: The staff need to be passionate about helping adolescents work through their issues and reach success. Alongside that, they also need to be appropriately trained to deal with situations that arise with struggling girls.
  • Comprehensive Therapy: The whole reason residential treatment exists is because traditional therapy alone wasn’t making much progress. To reach the best results in PTSD treatment for girls, many different therapies need to be utilized. No individual is the same, which is why a comprehensive therapeutic model accommodates to each girl’s specific needs. These therapies can be anything from EMDR therapy to equine therapy to family therapy to experiential therapy.
  • Relationship Building: Most girls struggling with a mental health issue also struggle with forming and maintaining relationships. They struggle with trusting others, opening up, and learning what a positive bond versus a negative bond looks like. Relationships are the foundation of our lives. Without a support system of family and friends, life can be pretty difficult. This is why it’s so important to include relationship building as an essential pillar in residential PTSD treatment for girls.

If you believe your daughter is having issues with trauma or other mental health challenges, it is critical to seek out a professional. Hoping the problem will remedy itself with time often does not turn out well–not just for your daughter, but for the whole family.

Solstice RTC is here for your daughter

Solstice RTC is a groundbreaking residential treatment center for girls, ages 14 to 18. Our girls often grapple with depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, and other emotional or behavioral problems when they come to us.

Through a unique combination of therapeutic programs based upon both traditional and holistic mental health treatment, we treat our clients with age and gender specific techniques. We strive to empower teenage women with the ability to believe in themselves and provide the tools and motivation required to instill these beliefs for life.

For more information about our PTSD treatment for girls at Solstice RTC, please contact us at (866) 278-3345.