• Residential Treatment Program for Teens 14-18

Family Work

Restoring Relationships

The core of our programming is based on healing damaged relationships and restoring healthy connections within the family system. In addition to weekly family therapy sessions by phone or video-conference, we also invite families to come to participate in face-to-face family therapy sessions. Weekend visits with their child are encouraged.

We also conduct onsite, multi-day, family seminars which includes all families who are currently enrolled in our program. These intensive, multi-family experiences are conducted 4 times a year and provide powerful, experiential and therapeutic experiences. Oftentimes families will highlight these events as significant turning points in their lives

Parent Workshops

During the first couple of months of admission to Solstice, we offer a new parent workshop where parents have the chance to visit campus and get to know the Solstice team. We recognize that it is extremely difficult to leave your child in the care of people you don’t know. We want you to begin to build relationships with the Solstice team early in the process so you’ll feel more comfortable and confident in your Solstice experience. It is also our way of jumpstarting the family work and helping you build a sense of community by meeting other parents who are also at the beginning of their Solstice journey.

Make Positive, Lasting Changes

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Relationship Logic: Building Common Ground with Your Child

This parent workshop is unique because it is solely for you, your child will not be a part of the experience. We want to provide a space for parents to begin exploring their own dynamic and patterns. During the workshop, you will split the day between time at the barn and in group sessions.  You will be introduced to Relationship Logic, which is the modality we use in equine therapy

With equine being such an integral part of our program, participating in this parent workshop assists in giving you a common language and a topic that you can relate with your child on, during early interactions. 

Relationship Logic lends itself well in teaching experientially parents about how they may interact and show up in relationship with their child, as well as other relationships. Our hope is that parents will utilize this information when beginning their family work at solstice as well as their own individual work outside of Solstice.

Parent Child Trips

Each year, we offer two parent/child trips to Moab, Utah. In the Spring, there is a trip for the mother and child and in the Fall, a father/child trip is organized and facilitated by Aspect Adventure. These trips are 4 days and 3 nights. 

During these trips, students and their parents take part in activities such as hiking, climbing and rappelling. They are a wonderful opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their child in the beautiful red rock desert of Moab, away from the distractions of everyday life.