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Tips for Developing Flexibility in Teens

Tips for Developing Flexibility in Teens

Tips for Developing Flexibility in Teens 2560 1709 The Solstice Team

Change isn’t easy for anyone, but for some teens, unexpected changes can lead to anxiety, depression or the use of unhealthy coping skills. The following tips give some ideas of how you can help develop flexibility in teens.

  1. Develop positive thinking. When a teen’s thinking become negative about a change, it is likely that this thinking will come with a multitude of incorrect or false ideas about the situation. By helping their challenge these negative thoughts and see the errors in their thinking, they will be able to think more positively about the situation and not get sucked into thinking the worst about what the change can bring.
  2. Learn about choice. Helping to see that there is a choice in every situation can help develop flexibility in teens. While some situations may seem not to have a choice, by helping your teen to see that they always have a choice, they may feel less “stuck” in situations. While teaching about always having a choice, it is also important to teach your teen to make good decision. Help them see the consequences of what their choices could bring.
  3. Play out the tape. Help your teen to “play out the tape” by helping their walk through what the change will bring. How will the change effect the situation as a whole? What things are going to happen because of the change? How will my attitude and effect how the situation plays out. By mentally walking through situations on a regular basis, flexibility in teens will increase as changes feel more “predictable.”
  4. While this tip is not as “therapeutic” as the others, and may not always be available to all families, traveling really does develop flexibility in teens. When traveling, so many unexpected things occur: flight delays, getting lost, car problems, etc. Traveling offers up many instances where flexibility is necessary right in the moment. While it may be overwhelming for your teen, helping their to continue to “enjoy the ride” while on vacation can help their see how being open and adapting to change can result in positive things.

Developing flexibility in teens can help them to become more resilient and better prepared for the many changes life is bound to bring.

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