• Residential Treatment Program for Teens 14-18

Individualized Learning

Upon admission to Solstice, the Academic Director reviews all student records (transcripts, report cards, neuropsychiatric testing, educational testing, etc.) and ensures placement in the correct classes in order to facilitate successful learning, credit remediation or recovery, and to keep the student on track for high school graduation. Students take the IOWA Basics exam so that the academic team has accurate baseline data in order to understand the specific academic needs for each student. Executive Functioning concerns are also assessed and an academic plan for each student is developed to address any and all academic concerns.

Teachers at Solstice work closely with the entire treatment team (parents, educational consultants, therapists, future school) in order to complete an academic plan that will make certain a transition plan to the next school or post-secondary institution.

Special Education Services

Solstice offers Study Strategies which include one-on-one help with executive functioning skills. These classes are led by a certified special education teacher. These classes are designed to meet the unique needs of these students as well as as well as assist students who either have an IEP or a 504 plan in developing skills to address their learning style with the necessary accommodations and modifications.

The special education teacher meets with each student bi-monthly and helps the student create specific, measurable goals to address their own educational needs. Monthly progress reports are provided to parents which provide valuable information toward meeting each student’s learning needs along with recommendations and accommodations that help students succeed.

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