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Is the Rate of Teen Self-Harm Rising?

Is the Rate of Teen Self-Harm Rising?

Is the Rate of Teen Self-Harm Rising? 2560 1709 The Solstice Team

In a study posted in the US National Library of Medicine, researchers found that the rate of teen self-harm may be increasing. In later studies, only 7 to 13 percent of teens engaged in self-harming behavior; recent studies put it at 33 to 50 percent. 

Though self-injury is considered a non-suicidal behavior, in these studies at least half of teens interviewed reported multiple suicide attempts in the past. Self-harm is obviously a great threat to adolescents, making it extremely important for those struggling with it to get treatment as soon as possible. 

Who is at risk?

Self-harm is much more likely to begin in the adolescent years. Girls and assigned female at birth – girls and assigned female at birth are more likely than boys to self-harm. Adolescents who engage in this type of behavior often report doing it because it offers a sense of relief from painful emotions or to escape a feeling of numbness. Those who struggle with eating disorders, depression, or drug/alcohol abuse are at a higher risk of teen self-harm.

Combating teen self-harm

Those that self-harm often can’t find a healthy way to express their emotions, they need guidance and support. Hoping a teen will grow out of self-harm is not safe or effective. Seeking out professional treatment is one of the best ways to help your teen battle self-injury. Through treatment for self-harm, teens have the opportunity to gain healthy and safe coping strategies that they can practice in daily life.

Solstice RTC can help

Solstice RTC is a residential treatment center for struggling teen girls. We help girls and assigned female at birth battling depression, anxiety, trauma, teen self-harm, and many more. Through comprehensive therapy and a strong support system, Solstice RTC helps families reunite. With our program, your child can be lead back onto a path to a brighter and healthier future. 

For more information about how Solstice RTC treats teen self-harm, contact us today at (801)815-8700.