• Residential Treatment Program for Teens 14-17

Journey Home: Our Sister Transitional Living Program

After completing a residential treatment program, sometimes students are in need of additional support and guidance in their transition back home or to independent living. 

Journey Home, a residential transitional living program, helps young people stepping down from a residential therapeutic setting such as a residential treatment center or wilderness therapy program. As Solstice RTC’s sister program, Journey Home is specifically designed to help females assigned at birth between the ages of 16-21.

Why Choose Journey Home

Students come to Journey Home for a variety of reasons. For some students, more structure is needed in order for them to continue the positive changes they made at the therapeutic program they attended. For others, they need to focus on building the skills necessary to launch successfully into young adulthood.

Learn more about building independent living skills at Journey Home

Throughout their time at Journey Home, your child will live in a small community based home located minutes away from Solstice RTC. During their stay at Journey Home, residents attend school or a local job during the day and build important life skill responsibilities, with the guidance of staff, when they return home each night.