• Residential Treatment Program for Teens 14-17

What is Milieu Therapy?

Milieu therapy is an experiential therapeutic approach that utilizes the residential environment of our program to better understand how to help your child approach and overcome their challenges. At Solstice West, milieu therapy is carried out by observing your child’s behaviors and emotions throughout the day, within a variety of different settings. Milieu therapy provides an invaluable “in the moment” understanding of your child’s challenges, unique from traditional talk therapy.

The Powerful Impact of a Social Environment

Milieu experiential therapy utilizes the social culture of a residential treatment environment to create positive changes in your child’s behavior.  These changes are achieved through the therapeutic use of our campus’s “community”, which includes their peers, staff, community roles and responsibilities, groups, and meetings. The positive influence of peers can promote a powerful and sustainable change when combined with the intentional application of other therapeutic interventions.

Find A Path Towards Healing for Your Child

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Small, Home-Like Setting

The nurturing, home-like setting of the Solstice campus mirrors the environment your child will return to after they graduate. This provides even greater and more realistic insight and opportunities for change. With a smaller therapeutic setting we can better see where our student’s strengths and weaknesses are, helping them to adapt and grow in real life scenarios.

Clinical and residential staff work together closely to shape and conduct a therapeutic environment creates lasting positive outcomes for students. Our therapeutic milieu helps lead your child onto a path towards a brighter, happier future.

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