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Residential Treatment at Solstice West 

As one of the country’s most effective residential treatment centers, Solstice provides teenage girls and assigned female at birth with an approach to healing that has been specifically developed to fit their needs. Whether it’s our uniquely designed therapeutic programming or the clinical specialization and collaboration of our therapists, Solstice is highly qualified to address the complex needs of adolescent girls and assigned female at birth on the road to healing. 

At Solstice West, our therapeutic approach is all about relationships: the relationship you have with yourself and the relationships you have with others. We believe that in the context of healthy relationships, great healing can occur. As a residential treatment program for girls, we help cultivate a positive peer culture among our students by encouraging teens to share their experiences and empower their teammates. By working with this specific population, our clinical programming specializes in behaviors and mental health struggles that are common among young women, including low self-esteem, body image issues, and relational trauma.

Studies show that high schoolers are more motivated to participate in group discussions in single-gender settings, where they generally experience less social pressure and feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information, such as in group therapy.  At Solstice West, students are placed into a “team” based on their primary therapist matched with them based on their clinical specialties. This helps them develop a greater sense of community with their like-minded peers who have shared similar experiences.

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3 Things Solstice West Helps With

Improving Confidence

Every element of our program is dedicated to helping teens gain evidence that they can achieve their goals and face their self-doubt–in relationships, in school, and in how they perceive themselves. 

Building Healthy Relationships

Between group therapy and family therapy, our relationship-based approach is dedicated to teaching teens more effective communication skills and developing trust.

Reaching Academic Goals

Through our fully accredited school, Solstice West helps students develop an individual academic plan with specific, measurable goals that support their therapeutic process.

Highlights of Solstice Residential Treatment Center

Trained Staff:  At Solstice RTC, our staff is an important part of creating a safe, supervised environment for your teen. Our staff to student ratio is low to achieve this. Staff go through a rigorous training process that teaches them how to handle conflict and situation management.

Multimodal Therapy:  Our treatment center uses a wide array of therapeutic techniques to address the individual needs of students. Some of the therapies we offer include, individual, group, equine, cognitive-behavioral, EMDR, and many more.

Developmentally-Appropriate Programming: Our program is designed to benefit each teen based on their age and diagnosis. We plan what therapeutic techniques to include in each individual student’s plan along with an environment based on what would be the most beneficial to students. By specializing in working with high school students, we are able to focus on the unique experiences of students working to repair family relationships and pursue postsecondary goals.

Family Involvement: After experiencing the challenges families have faced, many are hesitant to send their child to a residential treatment center. At Solstice RTC, we believe that family interaction is an important part of the healing process, and strive to incorporate family as much as they can. This includes weekly phone calls with your teen and their therapist to in-person visits. We recognize that having a stable support system, including family members, is an essential part to a teen’s progress. 

Transferable Skills: We hope to provide an intensive therapeutic experience that helps your teen develop new skills to use when transitioning out of the program. This is why our treatment center offers real-world experiences, like school, community service, and recreation outings, that give students the opportunity to practice skills in different settings. This familiarizes students with challenges they may face once they transition home and prepares them for lasting success.

Quick Facts About Our Program

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Solstice West is a leading residential treatment center for teens ages 14-18 with a wide range of mental health struggles.


Solstice West is located in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Layton, Utah.


Solstice RTC is a member of NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) and our academic program is accredited through Cognia (formerly AdvancEd).

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For more information about our residential treatment center for girls, call our admissions team at   (877) 748-3854.

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