• Residential Treatment Program for Teens 14-17

Student Life


The emotional culture or “milieu” of our program is a critical factor in the healing  process. A strong sense of emotional and physical safety is paramount so that the girls and assigned female at birth feel protected in the deeply sensitive work they do. Furthermore, the daily interactions and behaviors of the girls and assigned female at birth in and among their teammates are reflective of how they are progressing in their journey.

Daily interactions with peers and staff are best illustrated by the levels of responsibility they are developing, as well as the respect and care they invest in their relationships. Given this, the role of the residential program and the therapeutic impact it has in the lives of the girls and assigned female at birth we serve is vitally important in creating a safe and healing culture.

Small Campus Feel

Solstice strikes an optimal balance between the benefits of a larger social community and the safety and personalization of a smaller group. While Solstice has up to 44 students at any given time, these students are divided into 4 teams averaging 11 girls and assigned female at birth per team. This allows for small, more personal groups within the community.

Some of the girls’ activities are team specific, such as some off campus outings and groups, community meetings and team-bonding activities. This allows for deeper and stronger relationships of trust to form within teams, as well as creating a feeling of a smaller, safer sense of community.

Big Sisters

When a new student arrives at Solstice, they are assigned a “big sister”, another student that has advanced in their progress enough to be ready to support a new student. The big sister plays a vital role of an immediate friend, a source of information and guidance to the new student. They focuses on helping their “little sister” feel welcomed and cared about during the first weeks following admission.

Therapeutic Culture

Creating A Healthy Therapeutic Environment

One of the most powerful components of an effective residential treatment environment that contributes greatly to the growth of its participants is the degree to which the culture, or milieu, is therapeutic and healthy. In a therapeutic milieu, we promote positive behaviors such as respect and responsibility over negative behaviors. The true power of a residential treatment program is in the ability of its culture to respond to all behaviors in a way that encourages the positive growth of its members.

Healing Through Service

Many of our students have developed a short sighted view of their “world.” Providing service to others helps expand their views and perspective of the world around them. There is an incredible psychological power in offering help and service to others. Volunteering helps remind us about the importance of looking outside of ourselves and giving back to those in need.

Volunteering is a significant component of our program. Solstice students participate in community service each week. Some of the organizations we work with include: The Green Urban Lunch Box, Ogden Nature Center, the Christmas Box House (children who are victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment), Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Special Olympics Utah, Salt Lake City Marathon, along with various other entities. To help instill the value of taking pride in their own immediate community, our students volunteer at Solstice’s equine facility as well as completing various projects on our campus.