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Study Shows Childhood PTSD Caused When Children Ruminate Over Trauma

Study Shows Childhood PTSD Caused When Children Ruminate Over Trauma

Study Shows Childhood PTSD Caused When Children Ruminate Over Trauma 4096 2732 The Solstice Team

Children with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may face challenges from many different angles. You are not expected to know everything about PTSD. However, educating yourself on its breadth of causes and effects can help you be a better advocate for your child. Childhood PTSD can develop from a variety of events or situations. It is important that you recognize when your child needs help coping with their emotions and managing the stress that could come from certain situations.

A recent study shows that childhood PTSD can likely develop from children having a tough time processing their trauma and perceive their symptoms as something much worse. While one may experience a traumatic event and work through it, others may have the previous scenario occur. They go on to develop PTSD because they could not cope with the trauma they felt and they got overwhelmed by their own symptoms. If this is the case the PTSD could affect them for months, years, and even into adulthood.

Pointing out PTSD

As a parent, it is important that you observe your child and pick up on any abnormal cues that could indicate PTSD. While everyone handles trauma differently, there are some common warning signs that should prompt you to get help. These include:

  • Avoiding situations that make them recall the traumatic event
  • Experiencing nightmares or flashbacks about the trauma
  • Playing in a way that repeats or recalls the trauma
  • Acting impulsively or aggressively
  • Feeling nervous or anxious frequently
  • Experiencing emotional numbness
  • Having trouble focusing at school

If you recognize these signs in your child it is important that you take the next steps in getting them help. Remember PTSD is treatable. There are a variety of therapies and measures one can take to move past and overcome the impacts of PTSD. You should seek professional support to evaluate the situation and create a plan to get your child on the path towards recovery.

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