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Transforming teenage rebellion into respect

Transforming teenage rebellion into respect

Transforming teenage rebellion into respect 2560 1707 The Solstice Team

Teenage rebellion can take its toll on everyone in a teen’s life. Rebellious teens want things their way and won’t listen to anyone else around them. Helping your teen build a sense of respect and responsibility for their actions is an extremely challenging task.

What causes teenage rebellion?

Teenage rebellion is caused by a variety of elements. These include:

  • Hormones: Teens are going through drastic hormonal changes. With a surge of hormones coursing through their body, teens have all sorts of mood swings and changes in their overall personality.
  • Soul searching: Sometimes teens act out because they are trying to figure out who are as individuals. That may lead them down a path towards rebellion towards what they believe are overly strict rules. Teens are constantly learning more about who they are and reshaping their identity to fit that persona they believe best suits them.
  • Giving into peer pressure: Sometimes teenage rebellion stems from your teen wanting to fit in with people they believe to be “cool”. If their friends are engaging in rebellious and dangerous activities like substance use and promiscuous sexual activities, they will follow their example. 

How can I turn teenage rebellion into respect?

  1. Show respect for your teen: Your teen will never respect you unless you respect your teen. Complimenting your teen on their accomplishments will make them feel better about themselves and improve your relationship with them.
  2. Openly communicate: Understanding what’s going on in your teen’s life to lead them to rebel can improve your relationship with them. Your teen needs to know that you’re there for them even though they are rebelling against you.
  3. Have a clear set of rules and consequences: Your teen needs to understand that their rebellious behavior comes at a price. They need to be made clearly aware of your expectations of them. Through clear expectations, your teen will know when to rein in their behavior.
  4. Remember that you’re in charge: No matter how much your teen thinks they can break your rules, you need to remember that you have a position of authority over them. Don’t ever be your teen’s best friend. You’re their role model and someone they should look up to.

Solstice can help

If teenage rebellion is taking over your life, consider getting professional help for your teen. Solstice, a residential treatment center for teen girls and assigned female at birth ages 14-18, helps teen girls and assigned female at birth struggling with emotional and behavioral difficulties find success.

For more information about Solstice, call today at (866) 278-3345.