Troubled Teen Programs Helping Teen Girls

As one of the most effective troubled teen programs, Solstice has helped hundreds of struggling teen girls and their families achieve lasting success. Our program offers the resources and therapeutic support your daughter needs to work through emotional and behavioral challenges such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and defiance. {Term} {State}

Solstice specializes in helping girls who struggle with trauma. Therapeutic staff members go through trauma-focused trainings in order to provide the most cutting edge treatment possible for students. At Solstice, we address trauma that comes from catastrophic events such as natural disasters, abuse, and car accidents. In addition to those traumas, we also address trauma from events such as bullying, divorced parents, and loss. These traumas can be just as impactful to the healthy emotional development of teens as the larger scale events.

At Solstice, we utilize cutting edge techniques such as:

  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP)
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

In our efforts to be one of the leading troubled teen programs, we seek to get to the core of the challenges your daughter is facing. Rather than merely treating symptoms, our program helps your daughter in her entirety. This holistic approach is far more effective than other troubled teen programs which only treat “problem areas”.

Residential Treatment Center Creating Lasting Therapeutic Success

At Solstice, one of the leading troubled teen programs in the country, we help teen girls achieve lasting therapeutic success. Our philosophy towards helping young women is founded in three therapeutic pillars of change. These “pillars of change” provide the building blocks for our therapeutic culture. They are what drives the therapeutic journey towards healing and success at Solstice. These pillars are:

  1. Relationship Based Approach: Building healthy, positive relationships in one of the key factors in creating therapeutic success. At Solstice, we focus on helping your teen build healthy, trusting relationships with staff members, peers, and most importantly, family members. troubled teen school
  2. Principle-Driven Foundation: At Solstice, we help girls develop strong core principles and beliefs which serve as the foundation for their personal growth. These internal beliefs help drive the therapeutic work girls carry out during their time at Solstice.
  3. Experiential Therapy: Due to the developmental stage of adolescence, most teens learn more effectively by “doing” than by “talking” about doing. While we do plenty of “talk therapy” at Solstice, we underscore, reinforce and emphasize important therapeutic principles and ideas through therapeutic activities known as experiential therapy. Equine therapy, experiential groups, recreation and adventure therapy, community service activities and other interventions are used to teach and reinforce important ideas that contribute to the growth and healing process.

Solstice is located near Salt Lake City, Utah nearby some of the nation’s most beautiful natural scenery. During their time with us, girls have the opportunity to engage in exciting adventure therapy activities. We help girls from all over the country.

Learn more about the ways in which Solstice can help your  daughter by calling 801-444-0794.

Helping Girls Through Trauma Treatment

As one of the leading troubled teen programs, our program stays on the cutting edge of research related to trauma. Every member of our therapeutic staff have specific training in addressing trauma within this age group. We utilize a variety of evidence-based therapeutic techniques to help girls struggling with trauma including trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-focused equine assisted therapy.

Every aspect of our program is designed to help your daughter heal and rebuild her relationship with family members, peers, and herself. This “relationship-based” approach helps girls lay the foundation for developing healthier, happier relationships in the future.

In addition to sophisticated therapeutic services, Solstice can also help your daughter achieve academic success. Our accredited school can provide your daughter with the individualized attention that can help her excel in school. Small class sizes and classes designed to address your daughter’s specific learning style provide the level of support that help girls on a path towards a brighter academic future.