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We are Family: Family Therapy for Teens with Depression

We are Family: Family Therapy for Teens with Depression

We are Family: Family Therapy for Teens with Depression 5758 3839 The Solstice Team

When teens struggle with depression it can affect the whole family. In order for a family to give their teens the help and support they need—their own health needs to be a priority. This is why research says parents may benefit from treatment too. It is not uncommon for families to set their own issues aside to focus their energy on getting their teen better. However, this can be unhealthy and pose long-term negative effects

  1. Irritability coming from a depressed teen can cause conflict and alter family dynamics. 
  2. Negative thought patterns can become contagious and cause increased pessimism in the house. 
  3. Depressed teens may withdraw themselves from the family which hinders relationships. 
  4. Major responsibilities can shift. 
  5. A general burden of stress can grow in the household. 

These are the truths of how families can be impacted by depression. Family therapy for teens with depression is beneficial for more reasons than just “putting things back together”. This type of therapy creates an opportunity for families to reconnect and create a healthier environment for themselves. 

Family First Approach 

While having one’s family a part of their healing journey is important, the healing experience for the whole family unit is just as important. The process may not be easy, but it will be worth it. A family is like a team—you need everyone on the same page to effectively function. When everyone’s health and happiness is in check, the family dynamic is much stronger and well-equipped to support each other during challenging times. Family therapy has been proven a critical part of achieving long-term success for teens recovering from depression. Family therapy for teens with depression can work on confronting the following things:

  • Focus on healing damaged relationships 
  • Restore healthy connections within the family dynamic 
  • Create new healthy ways to cope with emotions 
  • Talk through one’s current struggles 
  • Establish lasting changes within the family 

Residential Treatment: Where does Family Fit?

Teens with depression can gain great benefits from enrolling in residential treatment. This allows them to remove themselves from their life and focus on healing from every angle with the help of professionals. The good news? Often times residential treatment programs strive to make the family a huge part of the healing process—not only their child’s healing but the family’s too. Don’t be afraid to reach out and seek resources to help your family as a whole. 

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