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Welcoming Our Academic Director

Welcoming Our Academic Director

Welcoming Our Academic Director 1000 362 The Solstice Team

We’re excited to announce Jamie Murphy as Academic Director of Solstice RTC!

We are thrilled to announce that Jamie Murphy is returning to the role of Academic Director, bringing her exceptional leadership and expertise back to the helm of the academic team. With her many years of dedication to our team and our students, we are confident in the bright future ahead under her guidance.


Jamie Murphy,
Academic Director & Science Teacher

Refocusing on our mission, EnRICH!

Developing Excellence in Relationships, Influence, Character, and Health.

Our leadership’s focus on revitalizing our EnRICH mission has spurred Jamie to embed these core values within our academic staff, curriculum, and overall departmental ethos. Jamie’s deep-seated passion for education and dedication to nurturing meaningful relationships will greatly support the growth and prosperity of both our students and faculty.

Fully accredited, the academics at Solstice stand as a cornerstone of our operations. Accredited by COGNIA and recognized by the education boards of Utah, California, and Washington, our classrooms uphold the highest standards. Our ability to partner with school districts in these states has been influential for families and referral partners alike.

Our tight-knit team of licensed teachers bring an authentic zeal for teaching, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of their students.

At Solstice West, our teachers collaborate closely with clinical experts and the complete treatment team—including parents, educational consultants, therapists, and future schools—to craft comprehensive academic and transition plans. This meticulous approach ensures a seamless progression to the next stage of education or post-secondary endeavors, supported by weekly meetings to track and discuss each student’s advancements.

Some Updates from Jamie

“We’re just now getting set up to do concurrent enrollment classes, which I’m really excited about. That will allow a student to take a class that will count towards high school credit and college credit at the same time.

We are also doing something that the kids are going to be really excited about, where before they weren’t allowed to have their MP3 players and music in school, we’re now going to allow it—with certain parameters, of course. I find that it helps students more than it hinders their learning. There’s so many of our kids with ADHD and just having that music to be able to kind of tune out the other noise is so helpful. “


We want to take this opportunity to thank Angela for her invaluable contributions during her time with us. We wish her all the best on her future endeavors!

Looking ahead, we are excited to have Jamie Murphy back as Academic Director, whose leadership will continue to advance our standards of excellence.

Join us in welcoming Jamie back into this leadership role!